Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Sicilian conquest

As a deep lover of all the creative minds that twice a year (now more than that, but anyway...) bring to us such magnificent collections, stunning pieces able to turn half a world into totally fashion addict, I couldn't not to talk about Mr. Domenico and Mr. Stefano last collection.

Even though completly unlikely I wear such sicilian stuff.
Even though that, at least the last three seasons, Dolce & Gabbana colection is kind of the same, except the prints.
The truth is that I'm always in love with a couple of pieces. This time are the puppet earrings. Well, I also find as quite fun the striped oversized jacket styled with a super-mini-dress.

Also I should admit that, as a portuguese girl, (almost!) living in Guimarães, the first part of this collection is a little bizzare for me.
Guess why!

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