Thursday, September 27, 2012

Le grand Nicolas

Speaking of architecture ...

Paris is it. The greatness of some maisons and some designers that year after year reinvent themselves, so everyone gets surprised. Everyday in PFW is a wonderful and unexpected day. Note: yesterday an casual and day-time grunge at Dries Van Noten, today the power of 80's was revisited, and visible on the shoulders(!) chez Balmain, and a sexy modernism at Balenciaga.
That's the point.
One more time, Nicolas Ghesquière reinvented la maison Balenciaga, so everything is new over there, but everything also has signature and, above all, IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. And I'm not over reacting. Early today, when I got up to attend the show live streaming, I immediately found out an amazing bustier, then some kind of modern-ruffled-spanish-skirts and, as the show continued, a color pallete that totally fits me, beautiful dresses and boyish-with-high-heels shoes. For the first time, I found myself interested in mules. What about the rings?! Oh my fucking god!!!
Love you Nicolas.

What a great day...
P.S.: does anyone know what is Liya Kebede's secret?

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