Born and raised in Ponte de Lima, Portugal.

I’m 25 and I love fashion.

My name is Helena Ribeiro and my entire path has not been very regular.
I started studying psychology at the University of Coimbra but soon I figured out that was not really me... So, I began my professional career as visual merchandiser and this is what I do nowadays.  But, on my way, I left behind another course: fashion design and marketing at University of Minho (with no regrets!!).

Last year, I decided that I should learn more, so I packed to London and, at Central Saint Martins, Nicky Andrews taught me more about styling in a summer course: fashion styling for beginners.

It was an excellent, a terrific experience. It was only a small and fast week, but I came back to Portugal with a lot of ideas to start from the ground zero...

I really want to live just as a stylist!

So, here I am... working on my blog since 2012.
And the name?!

Well, the name comes from “Gone with the wind” (one of my favourites films). Do you remember Scarlett O’hara and the dress that was created from a curtain?

This may explain the vision I have of fashion or art... we can create anything from whatever you want. No matter where your inspiration comes from, we can do everything we want and... have fun!

Helena Ribeiro
January 8, 2012

P.S.: sorry about any english mistakes!! I'm doing my best and try to get better day by day (but, you know, there are easier and harder days!!)...