Sunday, September 30, 2012

Something new?

As far as I know, not so new as that.
Actually Mr. Neil Barrett has already worked with Prada and Gucci, and also have a well recognized work with menswear. But he is almost new for me, and I'm absolutely stunned with so much talent, specially with his last collection: tailored, strong, perfect styling.

I just love it!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Le grand Nicolas

Speaking of architecture ...

Paris is it. The greatness of some maisons and some designers that year after year reinvent themselves, so everyone gets surprised. Everyday in PFW is a wonderful and unexpected day. Note: yesterday an casual and day-time grunge at Dries Van Noten, today the power of 80's was revisited, and visible on the shoulders(!) chez Balmain, and a sexy modernism at Balenciaga.
That's the point.
One more time, Nicolas Ghesquière reinvented la maison Balenciaga, so everything is new over there, but everything also has signature and, above all, IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. And I'm not over reacting. Early today, when I got up to attend the show live streaming, I immediately found out an amazing bustier, then some kind of modern-ruffled-spanish-skirts and, as the show continued, a color pallete that totally fits me, beautiful dresses and boyish-with-high-heels shoes. For the first time, I found myself interested in mules. What about the rings?! Oh my fucking god!!!
Love you Nicolas.

What a great day...
P.S.: does anyone know what is Liya Kebede's secret?

Architectural Digest

Since I remember myself as admirer of any creative process behind fashion design, I have a particular concern with architectural influence, fairly clear in the work of many designers.
Pierre Hardy is one of those designers, able to design a TRUE object of desire. Well, a modern one, because I guess it's easier to create a classic one, isn't it?
Remember Balenciaga's Lego shoes by Mr. Hardy?? They will be forever, and ever, in my heart...

I found out this pair at net-a-porter this week. So, do you know what I mean??

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Right now: Gareth Pugh

What can I say? I LOVE those fringe dresses, so I'm actually pretty sure I need one as soon as possible. Someone from H&M or Zara creative departments is listening (reading, ok!) to me??
Also, after one entire season being virtually forced to deal with capes, I've to give in! For instance, this one is quite cool and with the matching pants gets PERFECT!!
P.S.: I'm a little upset with Ms. Mirte Maas' belly...

The Sicilian conquest

As a deep lover of all the creative minds that twice a year (now more than that, but anyway...) bring to us such magnificent collections, stunning pieces able to turn half a world into totally fashion addict, I couldn't not to talk about Mr. Domenico and Mr. Stefano last collection.

Even though completly unlikely I wear such sicilian stuff.
Even though that, at least the last three seasons, Dolce & Gabbana colection is kind of the same, except the prints.
The truth is that I'm always in love with a couple of pieces. This time are the puppet earrings. Well, I also find as quite fun the striped oversized jacket styled with a super-mini-dress.

Also I should admit that, as a portuguese girl, (almost!) living in Guimarães, the first part of this collection is a little bizzare for me.
Guess why!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Message in a top

Not a totally new thing but, honestly, I love this way to show everyone what really matters, what is really fun, who really deserves to be honored (and suddenly I'm reminding McQueen WE LOVE YOU KATE t-shirt, one more time!) or just... something.

Recently, we have seen messages in tops at Ashish, Meadham Kirchhoff or even Acne at LFW, but Lanvin ones are certainly must-haves for a skinny-blazer-black-pumps look.
So, this punk original stuff (that's the way I see it: t-shirts with messages is, for some reason, so Vivienne Westwood!) can be absolutely chic after all. And I love it.
1. 3. Lanvin jersey tee
2. Zoe Karssen cotton tee
4. Dolce & Gabbana Mick Jagger top
All items available here.

Just a small and tiny polka dot

Kusama statue over the main entrance, Kusama statues inside windows.
Polka dots plus polka dots. Everywhere.
Red lights turned on, when evening begins.

That's the way how Selfridges celebrates the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

DETAILS: what happened at Burberry show

I know you're always waiting for a little bit more than catwalk reports here at Scarlett... So this is what I saw last monday, who I saw, what I was wearing at that time. Everything for you, guys!!

Wearing Mango dress and shoes, and H&M necklaces and earrings.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



What is perfection? This is perfection.
The blue eyes match up with the blue gown. An ultra gorgeous blue that, actually, is matching up with an insanely perfect hair.
No one, except Anja, could ever show it so well.
No one, except Frida, could ever do it in such a majestic way.

Gucci S/S 2013.

Burberry Prorsum S/S 2013

What a busy day... But here I'm to talk about my experience at Burberry Prorsum show that happened yesterday...

So as you should know, it was my second time there and it was well, how can I say it?, hummm... EXTRAORDINARY!!
All the collection means kinda sophisticated-modern-cheerful thing to me. Obviously it was a collection about capes and peplums and wedges but, honestly, I was very surprised with all that colour that suddenly appeared after the total white entrances of Charlotte, at first, and then, Cara. And I absolutely love the oversize (so much shoking!) pink trench coat that I could not even take a picture (I was literaly shoked, that's it!) but you will certainly understand my point of view when see the entire show. So take a look and ENJOY the rainbow!!   

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sneak a peek from Burberry show

It was a perfect rainbow. Burberry Prorsum's finale.
Promise I'll update as soon as possible and talk about my expirience at Burberry's show this afternoon.

By now, just saying that color block are key words.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Letter from London

Just arrived and had such a wonderful surprise: sunny day in London, girls!
So at this time, I'm just leaving the hotel and getting ready to live fashion week as much as possible. Somerset House by now. Keep tuned!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The second

These guys are cute and talented. So they deserve everything good in this world. 

Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough showed an amazing collection with leather, snakeskin in different colors and wonderful skirts and coats: this is summary of some absolutely cool looks.

As you already should know, I'm a snakeskin addict, so it's quite easy for me to fall in love with a collection where the first look is such a wonderful python vest. True. But this time it was another item that killed me: the white perforated leather jumper is INSANE!! As well as the coat available also in red.

So it was New York...
See ya in London?!