Monday, April 30, 2012

Ana Karolina

I just found this amazing accessories line.
Ana Karolina is a young designer who had the honor of having her work displayed at Vogue US website. I'm completely in love by the necklaces (STUNNING!). And the earrings. And everything.
Just take a look!!


Aren't they beautiful?! 
Get more information at shop ana karolina

Friday, April 27, 2012


In love by this H&M acrylic bag...

1. Acne lace dress
2. The Row sunglasses
3. Michael Kors watch
4. H&M nail polish
5. H&M acrylic bag
6. Christian Louboutin leather sandals

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

At Central Saint Martins

Today I'd like to share a little bit more about my group project at CSM last year. Even because I'm missing London (so much!)...

Rock inspiration for a photoshoot done at Central Saint Martins, last September

Garments from stylists
Photographed by
Makeup by
Leila Boyd
Styling by
Yang Faye, Francesca Pitillo Broggini, David Berruezo and Helena Ribeiro

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Star Wars

Today I did a resolution. Like those ones that people usually do at New Years Eve. I'll see Star Wars, since "The Phantom Menace" till the "Return of the Jedi" (I've been learned something, haven't I?), and it is all Nicolas Ghesquière fault. Ok, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the entire world that haven't seen Star Wars yet, but who cares about aliens fighting with neon light sabers (I've no idea if it happens but, anyway...). Not me for sure. Till now. Because now that are at least 2 good reasons to see all episodes: neon colors are trend now and there are Star Wars printings on Balenciaga jumpers for next season. And I really love those jumpers! And I really love this photo!! 


Hoje resolvi que já está mais do que na hora de ver o Star Wars. Vou ver desde "A Ameaça Fantasma" até "O Retorno de Jedi" (já aprendi qualquer coisinha, hein??, e a culpa é do Nicolas Ghesquière. Eu tenho a perfeita noção de que sou a única pessoa do planeta que ainda não viu toda a saga da Guerra das Estrelas, mas, honestamente, quem no seu perfeito juízo se haveria de interessar por lutas de aliens com sabres de cores néon (ok, não faço a mínima ideia se isto acontece na estória!!). Eu não, com certeza. Até hoje. Porque na verdade, agora há duas boas razões para que eu veja todos os episódios: as cores néon são agora tendência e a Balenciaga tem camisolas giríssimas com estampados do "Star Wars". E eu adoro essas camisolas!! E AMEI esta foto!!
Charlotte Gainsbourg fighting with Nicolas Ghesquière
Photo by Jean-Paul Goude and styling by Alex Aikiu

Balenciaga F/W 2012

Now, waiting for Star Wars t-shirts at Zara or H&M...

Images: Harper's Bazaar and

Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's show up midriffs!!

The promise is a promise. Here I'm talking about this stunning garment. 
The bralet.
A modern way to save the fabric, that I love when matching up with waist rise pants or skirts... even because with it we just need to show a tiny slice of skin.
For instance, I really love this kind of new ladylike look, by Elisa Sednaoui.


Tal como prometido, hoje vou partilhar uma das minhas tendências preferidas deste Verão.
O bralet.
Ok, isto não quer dizer que vá agora andar por aí a mostrar a barriguinha (até porque ainda me fazem falta algumas horas de ginásio!), no entanto, poupar no tecido da camisola para combinar com uma saia ou calças de cintura subída parece-me lindamente.
Só como exemplo, adorei a forma com Elisa Sednaoui criou este outfit, remete-me para um ladylike look super-moderno. Love it!!
By now, here are my choices, some photos to get some inspiration, and a friend advice...

Deixo aqui uma pequena selecção de bralets disponíveis actualmente, algumas fotos de inspiração, e uma pequeno conselho...
Hanne Gaby Odiele and Dree Hemingway at Coachella (left and center), Hanne Gaby at Paris Fashion Week
 Gwyneth Paltrow in Pucci

 Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2012

 Emilio Pucci S/S 2012 

 Prada S/S 2012's gym time girls!!

In the woods

Dear Robin Hoods, 
today I found out these shoes from Altuzarra. And I also I've heard that you used to rob from the rich people and then give to the poor. So I've got an idea: as I can't afford them, you could, you know, make me happy. What an amazing Cinderella I could look like with them!!
Well, keep dreaming Helena...

Anyway, today I picked some more pieces just keeping in mind this natural and tropical inspiration. One more time, Mango have great choices. I just love the bag and the bralet from Topshop. 

1, 2, 4, 6, 7 from Mango; 5, 8, 9 from Topshop; 3 from Zara
Later I'll talk about how stunning bralets can be, so... stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kinda of cute stuff

The truth is that red can be so cute sometimes.
You don't need to look like a femme fatal everytime you wear a red dress or put your feet in some red shoes (except those that have red soles!). Unless you want it, of course. 
Anyway, today I'm rambling on a color that I actually don't like very much, but I can find it as O.K.. Sometimes.


O vermelho pode ser cute às vezes.
E também não é preciso parecer uma femme fatal cada vez que calçamos uns sapatos vermelhos (ora bem, excepção, claro está, para aqueles muiiiiito fofinhos que têm solas vermelhas). 
Bem, a verdade é que hoje me apetece divagar sobre esta cor, uma cor pela qual eu na verdade não possuo grande simpatia. Às vezes.

Isabel Marant knit dress; Miu Miu jumper and bag; Gucci pants; Lanvin necklace; Repetto ballerinas and Giambattista Valli silk blend dress (everything available at

And suddenly I was remembering the first time my mom dressed me up with some kinda of red tights (oh god how much I cried because I HATED it).

I actually can even prove that a 25 years old girl can do a cute red birthday card and it be the most lovely thing in the world (and it looks like a 5 years old girl handmade card!). YEAH, this card was done by a friend of mine a couple of days ago for her boyfriend birthday. I guess she will kill me. It's so KITSCH. I Know. She knew. But it is reaaaally cute, isn't it?


Esta história toda fez-me lembrar a primeira vez que a minha mãe, uma vez mais inpirada em Barbies, me vestiu uns collants vermelhos (god o que eu chorei porque odiei aquele outfit).

E agora vou provar como até um vermelho cartão de aniversário feito por uma pessoa de 25 anos pode também parecer so cute (e também parecer que foi feito por uma miúda de 5 anos). Sério. Este foi feito por uma amiga minha há uns dias atrás para o aniversário do namorado. 
And Ana will kill me
Eu sei que é kitsch. Mas é super fofo, não é?

One more time baaaad photos. Sorry!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet day!

I know! I've not been a good blogger this month. I'll do my best from now on. Instead, my current status is how-I-met-your-mother-addict (and I guess it could be even better with me as stylist!). Anyway, I saw two seasons in three days, so I'm sure it is totally awesome!!
But today I had a great experience. Today, after a hundred and fifty four suggestions, I visited Spirito Cupcakes & Coffee, in Braga. 


E a pedido de muitas famílias(!!) aqui estou eu em portuguese way (+/-). Mas não prometo que assim seja sempre. Anyway...
Eu sei que não tenho sido a bloguer mais assídua nos últimos tempos, mas daqui em diante vou dar o meu melhor (isto, sim, prometo). Após em três dias ter devorado duas temporadas de How I met your mother, fui visitar o Spirito Cupcakes & Coffee, em Braga. Já me tinham sugerido uma centena de vezes que o fizesse, mas isto de estar sempre a deixar pr'amanhã, deu nisto... acabei por lá ir num dia chovoso em que não deu para aproveitar a esplanada.

What can I say... a totally awesome place!
Even in this raining day

I tasted the Nutella cake, and I can endorse it as AMAZING. Well, the truth is that EVERYTHING looks absolutely delicious (and dreadfully caloric) so next week I'll be there again. For sure.  


Bem, que posso eu dizer... o lugar é extraordinário! 
Provei o bolo de Nutella que posso adejctivar como maravilhoso, mas a verdade é que tudo tem óptimo aspecto (e parece terrivelmente calórico), pelo que na próxima semana deverei lá estar novamente, certamente.


Actually it is not difficult for me to love any chocolate cake (who knows me knows that!), but this one is F**** amazing.
And if you wanna more info about it go to


Na verdade quem me conhece sabe que não é propriamente difícil eu ADORAR qualquer bolo de chocolate, mas este é, definitivamente, delicioso.
Portanto, convido todos a lá irem. Mas se quiserem obter mais info, vão até

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A tale of a coat part II

a s/s coat from Burberry that usually appeared on my way.

I'm a little bit delayed
 I know (so sad!!)

but just today I got time to see Vogue Paris (March edition!).
This time, Arizona (so!) Muse is the model.
 The styling was by Emmanuelle Alt and photos by Inez & Vinooth.
Sorry for the baaad photos! 
My camera is broken down and my ipad did its best (I guess!).

Monday, April 09, 2012

News of the day

We waited so, so,so long...
But worth it!!
Dior announced Raf Simons as creative director.

I'm still missing Galliano, but I'm really excited about Raf Simons.
 I loved what he did at Jil Sander, so by now I'm waiting for Haute Couture in July.

 Congratulations Mr. Raf!!

Friday, April 06, 2012


Here it is!
For those who are missing the rain...
 ...and for those who are getting ready for the raindance this  summer!!
It is from Victoria, Victoria Beckham and I 

Love it!!

Dear Santa... 
oh damn it we are in April...
 but I want it!!

And I would do it so well...

Umbrella from;
Tibi blazer;
Chloé bag;
Repetto shoes;
Victoria, Victoria Beckham dress;
Topshop rings and horse earrings

Have a nice XXL weekend!