Saturday, September 01, 2012

OUTFIT: Just because!

This week I found out a lovely ring, actually one of the cutest that I saw in weeks, something that lives up to my obsession with animals jewellery. After beetles, birds and foxes, I got a horse that looks like a donkey, but I don't mind! Everything OK till then. 
But today I decided to wear my shirt in horses printed, which I love very, very much by the way, and I really wanted to bring my new pony-donkey-horse to the fashion world with me, so I put all together, something that could look a bit exaggerated (and it was, indeed!) but, you know, I guess sometimes fashion styling is just this. THAT'S ALL ABOUT MOOD!! And nothing else matters... 

H&M shirt
Bimba & Lola horse-donkey-pony ring
H&M kids boy baggy jeans
H&M sandals (special thanks to Ana & Ema!!)
Ray-Ban sunnies


  1. Esse anel é lindíssimo!

    Um beijinho,

  2. O outfit é lindo, mas esse anel acabou comigo! que lindooooooooooo! ;)

    Passa no meu e se gostares segue please, eu sigo e volta! ;)