Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I'm here!! I know it seems I left this fashion-blogging world but I actually did not - well, it's quite impossible to leave the fashion part (c'mon, this is my life!!!!) and increasingly difficult to do not care about this blogging thing (a new addiction!)- It's a computer issue instead. But I'm trying to fix it. So I hope you all are fine. WELCOME!
And I'm coming home to share that I'm looking for a jumpsuit! Does it sound weird? Maybe. 'Cause I've hated jumpsuit & co. But I'm the same one that has hated burgundy since ever... and now can't live without this new black-burgundy magic. So I'm looking for one that is living in my head and I can't find nothing like it in this physical orb.
Where have ou been Zara people??
Where did Mrs. Moss find this one? It appears to be cool, I looking for something like that but in a black way...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to be a Powerpuff Girl

We know, as an absolute truth, the power of red lips. The same to say about red shoes. So when someone decides to combine red lips with red shoes, this is... like super powerful??

And speaking of Power: what about this Jil Sander dress? Insane.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Almost there

1. Lot 78 sweater 2. Pierre Hardy leather boots 3. Current/Elliott leather pants 4. Tim Walker "Stor Teller" book 5. Miu Miu earrings 6. Lanvin set of playing cards 7. Jason Wu Jourdan patent and leather bag

So, xmas is just around the corner. At least, for me! I'm one of those annoying people that since October is counting down, imagining xmas tree, and thinking about xmas gifts and xmas candies. Well, today it was all net-a-porter fault: xmas sweater.

Nothing else to say.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A secret story

Once upon a time, a girl with a curly and long hair that actually hated her hair just because it was... curly. A girl that every single day had to wake up at 6 a.m. 'cause half an hour of her day used to be spent in front of a mirror using a babyliss, her hair's worst enemy (and one of herself's best friends!). Well, that girl is me and this is the story about my battle against my own hair. So, this is no longer a secret... neither a story.

Sorry about that.

Happens that, for a girl like me, there is a BFF in rainy days. Called hat. And this year, I'm moving on. From fedoras to beanies.
And god knows what will happen. But the truth is that my ears deserve it.


1. Asos
2. H&M (100% acrylic)
3. Topshop (acrylic blend)
4. H&M (wool blend)
5. River Island (available at
6. Missoni (mohair blend)
7. Eugenia Kim (wool)
8. Mulberry (angora blend)
9. Hat Attack
10. Etro (wool blend)
11. Topshop
12. Asos

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Currently obsession

Oh this Miu Miu cardigan looks so cozy that I could wear it every single day along this cold winter. And this is just beginning.
Available HERE.

Monday, November 05, 2012

End of an era

I'm back. With bad news. Or good ones, it depends from the viewpoint. Well, Ghesquière is leaving Balenciaga, but the main question is to where? I can't imagine a fashion world without Nicolas. I mean, it's enough hard to live without Galliano (and I DO believe he should be chez Dior at this moment and end of story!) so, right now, I'm praying for a Nicolas Ghesquière own label. Bet on it 'cause, as you can see, is a fucking genious, for god sake.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Does it suit you?

Barney, honey Barney, since early this year, when I met you for the first time, I found out a totally new suits world. But at this time, my dear (and I'm affraid you'll not like this...sorry about that!), women wear suits too. In a good way, and better than men in my opinion. Thanks to Mr. Saint Laurent_ that's true, he gave us this power some decades ago!_ now we want it more than ever (I guess they were never out to be honest). FOREVER, I mean. 'Cause it means power... alright. But also 'cause it's quite easy to look well in a black tuxedo and a pair of red soles in our feet. LOVE it.

These ones Zara fall 2012

P.S.: no red soles mentioned above but, as ou can see, suits can be awesome anyway...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trivial pursuit

Hi everyone! Yeah, I'm alive, however with some schedules issues and this is the main reason for this so bad, bad, B.A.D., blog update. Anyway... What did I do all this time_are u asking me?. Among other things, a totally personal and wintry hunt.

Searching for a coat.  The one shown above is from Kenzo.
Fact, it was not the easier stuff in this world, it actually proved a bit tricky.
There is colour, there is length there is texture, there is an allergy to angora. And there are all this mixed up. Also there is a kinda weird winter: last week was like 13ºC, today it was like 27ºC. Does it mean I should replace a new coat for a ticket to Swiss Alps and spend a normal winter with hot chocolate and snow and fur??
Karl, Maje, Burberry Prorsum

Thursday, October 18, 2012

OUTFIT: Back to black

It looks like black and white (grey!) days are approaching so fast. HAPPY. God I like it so hard and I bet after xmas I'll pray for summer again, that I just want to hang out with hooded jackets and cozy-warm tights.
H&M hooded jacket
Primark limited edition heels

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It seems that MMM is arriving...

So this is the state of play: next November 14 I'll not be there. Unfortunatly. OOhhh I wish I could... But the point is that the Margiela for H&M lookbook is out, so we can finaly see and worship (and also make a wish list I guess!!) the power of this belgian designer, aka the deconstruction supreme!!
I want, I NEED, that super-totally-over-sized coat!! As well I need the stunning-totally-oversized-white-knit...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Modern Age & White Socks?!

Isn't it the perfect modern version of the Dorothy's red shoes??

I took this picture last September at Burberry's and these red & gold heels immediately reminded me Wizard Oz. I guess this is actually magic and romantic in an effortless way. Does it make any sense?! Oh, c'mon, it's kinda cool wear white socks, isn't it?
Hmmm... so many ellipses and question marks. Does it mean anything else??

Once again, bad taste vs. good taste...


Send me a letter

On second thought, I prefer a gift box with a big lace with this STUNNING croco embossed envelope inside.
I really would appreciate and I'd be eternally grateful.
Okay ... You can also send the postcard!

Givenchy suede clutch available HERE.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I need to express myself: I HATE SATCHELS!! I really do. Well, I mean the classic ones, you know?! They're not big enough, they're not chic enough. They're look like small bags for little girls. So I'm not in.
By another hand, I'm totally a fan of totes. And yeah!, I agree that Mulberry has some of the best ones so, to be honest,  I'm currently obsessed with the (NEW NEW NEW!) Willow bag.

Half a tote. Half a clutch.
Big enough. Chic enough.
Kinda perfect!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inspiration: heavy metal

An outfit created from a skirt. A metallic and powerful skirt.

1. Kenzo leather jacket
2. Chanel black satin nail polish
3. Topman tee (and my obsession with men clothes is continuing going on...)
4. H&M clutch
5. H&M boots
6. Gucci glasses
7. Sass & Bide metallic skirt

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Easy & Breezy

Above all, a totally new addiction. That's it: I'm officially addicted to loafers. Absolutely comfy, perfect for a work day. How did I found these ones? Well, it was last month, in London, after walking almost 365 miles (pretty sure it was that!!)  I realized I had three big blisters on my feet, so I stopped at the first H&M that I found and bought these kinda shimmering loafers. 

Well, I don't wanna anything else by now...

H&M loafers and jeans

Thursday, October 04, 2012

OUTFIT: Why not??

I like men clothes.
Most of you have certainly already noticed that I have a particulary interest in boyfriend jeans (pretty obvious, isn't it?) but since a long time ago I'm looking for a perfect boyfriend shirt... and I never found it out 'cause, honestly, they always seem to much cute. So I've been searched for a boy shirt and found out this one at H&M, and tried to create a female look. Actually the shirt is not even mine!! Thanks bro!

I like borrowed clothes:)
Wearing H&M from head to toe.
Naturally, except the sunglasses!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Look of the day

Ok, it's true, with such a handsome guy, it's easier to become such a gorgeous woman. But it's also true that no one else wear Baleciaga so well as Gaia Repossi.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A chic Far West

That's the way I saw Slimane's first collection for the new Saint Laurent. More than that: I saw a parisian woman that travelled to Far West, for a reason that I honestly can not figure out, but it doesn't matter anyway. That woman used to listen rock n' roll (I heard that there was Daft Punk's music at the show, is that true??) and wants to be sensual and strong all the time, so she turned that place into a sexy-rock one.
And I'm pretty sure most of the women want to be that lady.
I wanna be that lady!! 

Congratulations Mr. Hedi!!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Inspiration: Welcome to Western

At first I wanna tell you this is just the first time I will talk about western stuff... I'll do it one more time very soon, so... stay tuned!
Well, but what really matters right now is that Madamme Isabel (AKA Isabel Marant), brought to us an easy-far-west-way-of-living last season, that actually have inspired all the girls (some more than the others, for sure!). In real world (affordable world, I meant) we're lucky girls, 'cause both H&M and Zara, or even Mango and Topshop have been developing this trend quite well.

This outfit is almost entirely H&M, with good values for money, in a blue western version (sometimes I like to keep the things easy...)!!
1. H&M Divided blouse
2. H&M Divided suede jacket
3. Miu Miu suede shoulder bag
4. H&M necklace
5. H&M boots
6. H&M skinny jeans

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Something new?

As far as I know, not so new as that.
Actually Mr. Neil Barrett has already worked with Prada and Gucci, and also have a well recognized work with menswear. But he is almost new for me, and I'm absolutely stunned with so much talent, specially with his last collection: tailored, strong, perfect styling.

I just love it!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Le grand Nicolas

Speaking of architecture ...

Paris is it. The greatness of some maisons and some designers that year after year reinvent themselves, so everyone gets surprised. Everyday in PFW is a wonderful and unexpected day. Note: yesterday an casual and day-time grunge at Dries Van Noten, today the power of 80's was revisited, and visible on the shoulders(!) chez Balmain, and a sexy modernism at Balenciaga.
That's the point.
One more time, Nicolas Ghesquière reinvented la maison Balenciaga, so everything is new over there, but everything also has signature and, above all, IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. And I'm not over reacting. Early today, when I got up to attend the show live streaming, I immediately found out an amazing bustier, then some kind of modern-ruffled-spanish-skirts and, as the show continued, a color pallete that totally fits me, beautiful dresses and boyish-with-high-heels shoes. For the first time, I found myself interested in mules. What about the rings?! Oh my fucking god!!!
Love you Nicolas.

What a great day...
P.S.: does anyone know what is Liya Kebede's secret?

Architectural Digest

Since I remember myself as admirer of any creative process behind fashion design, I have a particular concern with architectural influence, fairly clear in the work of many designers.
Pierre Hardy is one of those designers, able to design a TRUE object of desire. Well, a modern one, because I guess it's easier to create a classic one, isn't it?
Remember Balenciaga's Lego shoes by Mr. Hardy?? They will be forever, and ever, in my heart...

I found out this pair at net-a-porter this week. So, do you know what I mean??

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Right now: Gareth Pugh

What can I say? I LOVE those fringe dresses, so I'm actually pretty sure I need one as soon as possible. Someone from H&M or Zara creative departments is listening (reading, ok!) to me??
Also, after one entire season being virtually forced to deal with capes, I've to give in! For instance, this one is quite cool and with the matching pants gets PERFECT!!
P.S.: I'm a little upset with Ms. Mirte Maas' belly...

The Sicilian conquest

As a deep lover of all the creative minds that twice a year (now more than that, but anyway...) bring to us such magnificent collections, stunning pieces able to turn half a world into totally fashion addict, I couldn't not to talk about Mr. Domenico and Mr. Stefano last collection.

Even though completly unlikely I wear such sicilian stuff.
Even though that, at least the last three seasons, Dolce & Gabbana colection is kind of the same, except the prints.
The truth is that I'm always in love with a couple of pieces. This time are the puppet earrings. Well, I also find as quite fun the striped oversized jacket styled with a super-mini-dress.

Also I should admit that, as a portuguese girl, (almost!) living in Guimarães, the first part of this collection is a little bizzare for me.
Guess why!