Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I'm here!! I know it seems I left this fashion-blogging world but I actually did not - well, it's quite impossible to leave the fashion part (c'mon, this is my life!!!!) and increasingly difficult to do not care about this blogging thing (a new addiction!)- It's a computer issue instead. But I'm trying to fix it. So I hope you all are fine. WELCOME!
And I'm coming home to share that I'm looking for a jumpsuit! Does it sound weird? Maybe. 'Cause I've hated jumpsuit & co. But I'm the same one that has hated burgundy since ever... and now can't live without this new black-burgundy magic. So I'm looking for one that is living in my head and I can't find nothing like it in this physical orb.
Where have ou been Zara people??
Where did Mrs. Moss find this one? It appears to be cool, I looking for something like that but in a black way...

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