Monday, October 01, 2012

Inspiration: Welcome to Western

At first I wanna tell you this is just the first time I will talk about western stuff... I'll do it one more time very soon, so... stay tuned!
Well, but what really matters right now is that Madamme Isabel (AKA Isabel Marant), brought to us an easy-far-west-way-of-living last season, that actually have inspired all the girls (some more than the others, for sure!). In real world (affordable world, I meant) we're lucky girls, 'cause both H&M and Zara, or even Mango and Topshop have been developing this trend quite well.

This outfit is almost entirely H&M, with good values for money, in a blue western version (sometimes I like to keep the things easy...)!!
1. H&M Divided blouse
2. H&M Divided suede jacket
3. Miu Miu suede shoulder bag
4. H&M necklace
5. H&M boots
6. H&M skinny jeans

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