Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trivial pursuit

Hi everyone! Yeah, I'm alive, however with some schedules issues and this is the main reason for this so bad, bad, B.A.D., blog update. Anyway... What did I do all this time_are u asking me?. Among other things, a totally personal and wintry hunt.

Searching for a coat.  The one shown above is from Kenzo.
Fact, it was not the easier stuff in this world, it actually proved a bit tricky.
There is colour, there is length there is texture, there is an allergy to angora. And there are all this mixed up. Also there is a kinda weird winter: last week was like 13ºC, today it was like 27ºC. Does it mean I should replace a new coat for a ticket to Swiss Alps and spend a normal winter with hot chocolate and snow and fur??
Karl, Maje, Burberry Prorsum

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