Thursday, August 23, 2012

The guy with a pair of yellow sneakers

I find pretty interesting the fashionable side of the music. The music done by the guys because, as you should have noticed, the music done by girls always is another level of  all the fashion industry. And I guess Julian is one of these guys. A man with the perfect rock star style, sexy and too much talented. But he actually also has his own path on fashion business: he did part of a TV commercial  for Converse and the face (and voice!) of a Azzaro's fragrance, Decibel. Anyway... this guy brought us neon sneakers at first and and also started wearing mirrored sunglasses before everyone, so he he is a trend setter, don't you agree?? Apart from everything else, today is his birthday, I'm missing The Strokes and waiting the V album as soon as possible so, today, girls, Julian Casablancas for everyone!!

The Modern Age


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