Thursday, August 09, 2012

Playing Super Heroes

This kinda of obsession with Roy Lichtenstein stuff started almost an year ago. As you should know, I was in London attending a fashion styling course at CSM, and the teacher told us to go to TATE Modern, get some inspiration, and then create a new trend for next fall (what actually means the fall that will begin next month!). Anyway, perhaps too much obvious, but the truth is that after a couple of hours searching for something that I didn't know exactly what would be, I stopped in front of this Lichtenstein picture, and I just suddenly got what I was looking for... and it was the beginning of my work, cause I found out that I wanted COLOR!!!
Well, all that story just to talk about this Super Hero trend, that Phillip Lim showed us last season, and we can found at Markus Lupfer collection available HERE and HERE. So, my obsession with Pop Art and Lichtenstein and Super Heroes will be knitted this fall, what actually means good news, girls, cause after all, sweater + jeans + (the perfect pair of) shoes = amazing casual and easy outfit!!!
1. Markus Lupfer Kapow! sweater
2. H&M skinny jeans
3. Stella McCartney sunglasses
4. Michael Kors watch
5. 3.1 Phillip Lim maxi clutch
6. Zara heels

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