Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Luxury. Pageantry. Ostentation.

Since I remember of myself, I do prefer necklaces above all the others small jewelry. And earrings. Rings are a recent passion. But today I just wanna talk about necklaces and the power that they may assert . Well, I guess power is a personal thought about it but, when I see Miroslava Duma with the most stunning neck adornments, all I can figure are Russian Czars and Russian Empire and Russian Palaces and gold and stuff like that... Plus: Anna Wintour always has a collar around her neck. So POWER is a good word, now I'm pretty sure.
Anyway... this is not a new trend, but it's something that is coming back in strength. You can mix two or more items, but never forget the rule: BE STRONG! Cause in that case, MORE IS MORE!!
1. 2. 3. Dannijo
4. 7. Topshop
5. H&M
6. Zara

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