Wednesday, February 29, 2012

He's not a portuguese in Paris

He is a part of Paris.
I mean, as Viktor and Rolf aren't dutch guys in Paris, you know?!

Felipe Oliveira Baptista

is bringing something new and I like it. As I like the Zebra prints that suddenly show up in this A/W collection...something wild and fresh matching up with so structured lines


So it's time to think about it: I think we have an issue in Portugal that keep us far, far away of the international fashion business. Ok, we say the government don't support designers and artists... bla bla bla! 
It's more than that.
We don't know how to handle with the two gold keys for a fashion blockbuster. I'm talking about the two C's

Creative and Comercial

Sometimes I see very comercial and beautifull collections which don't bring nothing new to fashion. Sometimes I see very creative collections, done by awesome artists or designers that, unfortunatly, are impossible to be dressed, to be sold. And I guess it keep us small (just in the business,ok?!) , but it is only me!

In fact, I belive we can do it better. And it happens sometimes...but we have to turn it in a rule!

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