Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zebra crossing

Everything that might subtly mean wild, I'm in. Fashionabely (??) talking, obviously. Even more when it means wild animal prints (or just animal_ honestly, I almost died with that Givenchy cow print), cause I really believe it is powerful and strong and feminine.

But no. Today, I'm not in a leopard mood
Today it is a Zebra thing.

So, one more time, summarizing, I'm talking about black and white and, as you can see, such a strong duality couldn't be nothing more or less then perfection. And it really is.

1. Mango scarf; 2. Current/Elliott low rise skinny trousers; 3. Jimmy Choo sandals; 4. Mango emblished t-shirt; 5. Jimmy Choo clutch 

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