Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OUTFIT: Summer... please, don't go

People have told me that tomorrow will rain. Damn it 'cause I still missing an entire day at the beach since last year and I didn't even started my fitness program. Till this morning... in summary, my day was kinda of a sporty one. I woke up and ride my renewed bike for a little bit (I promised myself I will do it every day, but I'm not sure about it!!). After lunch, I did a NOT soccer match... but I was in the field, at least for a while: the guard told me I wasn't allowed to be on field with that shoes... what a mean man!

H&M trend jumper and shoes
H&M neon bracelets and necklaces
From everywhere (almost vintage!!) another bracelets
H&M ex-boyfriend jeans (turned into boyfriend shorts)
Ray-Ban sunglasses

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